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2015 Top Bedwetting Blog Posts

January 18, 2016 1 min read

The top viewed Bedwetting Blog Posts of 2015 were:

Bedwetting Alarm Not Working: 4 Common Mistakes.
Families can become frustrated if their child does not get to dryness while using a bedwetting alarm. Learn about the common mistakes that families make and how to correct them.

Teen Bedwetting Remedies.
Teens can continue to be affected by bedwetting. Even more shame and frustration, missed sleepovers, and embarrassment can affect teens who continue to have this condition. Solutions to end teen bedwetting are discussed in this post.

3 Reasons Why You Should Treat Bedwetting.
Bedwetting affects confidence and self-esteem, interferes with normal social activities and may take years to spontaneously resolve. This post further discusses the reasons why parents should take action.

Overnight Potty Training: What Can I Do To Help?.
Daytime dryness in toddlers and pre-schoolers comes first, then nighttime dryness follows. Some children manage to stay dry at night without any special help. Others, however, need some guidance from their parents. This blog post instructs parents on ways they can help their child get dry at night.

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