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3 Reasons Why You Should Treat Bedwetting

September 15, 2022 2 min read

1.  Bedwetting affects confidence and self-esteem

The development of confidence and a positive self-esteem includes being able to perform activities that most other children in your age group can perform.  Many children continue to hear that they will “outgrow” bedwetting at each annual exam but are given no tools or information to help with this.  (That is like telling your teen with severe acne that they will “outgrow” it and not giving them any help along the way).

Embarrassment can lead to silence, or acting like they don’t care.  Seeing younger siblings who are dry at night or hearing parents comment that you should “do what your younger sibling does” further erodes self-esteem.  Frustration over having no control to change the pattern of sleeping through the entire wetting episode becomes apparent.  Treatment with a tool like a bedwetting alarm gives the child the opportunity to learn a new behavior—getting up precisely when the wetting is happening.

2.  It may be many years before your child spontaneously stops bedwetting

Research suggests that each year 15% of bedwetting children spontaneously become dry.  That means that 85% are still wetting the next year.  There is no way to predict which % your child will be in.  Although the incidence of bedwetting decreases as children get older, there is no reason to wait years for it to end, especially since using bedwetting alarms effectively end it within a few weeks.  Puberty is not a sure cure for bedwetting. 

3.  Bedwetting interferes with normal social activities

School age children with bedwetting have to make allowances for every sleep over situation that comes up, whether it’s with grandparents, cousins, close friends, not-so-close friends or camp and school activities.  The freedom to accept all kinds of invitations allows your child to develop independent social skills.  They should be free to sleep away from their parents when they are ready, without having to consider their dry night status.

Treating bedwetting in a school-age child is just as important as teaching a child to swim or ride a bike.  With patience, persistence and the right bedwetting alarm, a few weeks of getting up to help your child respond can pay off in permanent dry nights.

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