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How Old to Use a Bedwetting Alarm?

July 26, 2022 2 min read

Each child is different but here are some general guidelines.

6 things to consider are:

  • your child’s temperament
  • family stressors-pick a low stress time to begin
  • your child’s goals and motivators-wanting to work on becoming dry is important
  • your child’s age
  • whether they have had any dry nights-a 4-5 year old child with many dry nights may continue to get to dryness without much intervention, a 6-7 year old who has never had a dry night might need a little more help
  • ability to be reliably dry during the day-day dryness should be achieved before tackling nighttime dryness

The best time to begin treating bedwetting is when it starts to become an issue for your child.  The timing depends on what is right for your family.

Signs that your child may be ready include:

  • your child is about 6 or older,
  • making comments about wanting to be dry
  • still wetting most nights and wearing disposable pants to bed
  • beginning to notice that younger siblings or peers no longer wet
  • reluctance to stay outside of your home

Parents know their own children and their own family dynamics better than anyone else.  There is not an absolute “right age” for everyone so you will have to be the judge of that.  Remember that you do not have to wait for your child “to grow out of it” because there are such effective steps you can take to end bedwetting within a few weeks or months. 

If your child is 8 or older, and shows no signs of having dry nights, chances are high that he or she will need some help from you.  At this age, being proactive in buying an alarm and helping your child use it is warranted.  Choose an easy-to-use device that does not look “weird “and can be easily hooked up and used independently.  A wireless alarm, using familiar cotton underwear to sense moisture, is a good choice.  Your child simply pulls on underwear at bedtime and you are all alerted when the wetting occurs.  You can help him or her to the bathroom as they learn that new response.



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