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5 Top Bedwetting Blogs of 2014

January 12, 2015 1 min read

The winners of the top viewed Bedwetting Blogs of 2014 are:

1. When Bedwetting Alarm Doesn't Work

This blog discusses reasons that your child may not have been successful using the alarm and some tips that will help.

2. Waterproof Pants for Older Kids

The fact that this was such a popular blog reinforces my belief that there are many families with older children who still struggle with bedwetting. Washable, non-noisy underwear are especially welcome for kids going to camp or spending the night outside their home.

3. Positive Behavior Changes Noted after Bedwetting Alarm Use

I am especially proud of this popular blog, which included feedback from 803 families whose child had used a bedwetting alarm. Parents reported a significant improvement in Self-Esteem, Overnight Stays, Quality of Sleep, Relationships with Peers and Parents, and School Performance.

4. Peeing in Bed

This blog answers a frustrated parent's question about knowing what to do after she has tried all the common strategies.

5. Best Bed Wetting Alarm

This blog features the Rodger Wireless Bedwetting Alarm, which is the most convenient and comfortable alarm that we carry. The new wireless technology does not require any wires or panty liners. The transmitter is simply snapped onto the waistband of the specialized moisture-sensing underwear for perfect placement every time. 

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