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Waterproof Pants for Older Kids

July 18, 2014 1 min read

Super Undies Waterproof Bedwetting Underwear are a great reusable product for insuring a dry bed in the morning. Imagine not having to do daily laundry and not having to continually buy disposables. You're saving the environment and your time and money at the same time!

With summer camps, sleepovers and vacations, parents have been asking us for a product that their bedwetting children can discreetly use for waterproof protection. Now we have it! Available in a red/black or lavender/pink, the close fit and fleece edges prevent leaking. These pants have 4 layers of microfiber absorbency in the front, back and sides and feature a wrap-around soaker pad that increases absorbency in the middle, where It's needed the most.

Exclusively at the Bedwetting Store, we also include an extra cloth soaker pad and 3 disposable booster pads with each pair. Extra soaker pads can be purchased and used for those who have an exceptionally large urine volume. Best of all, they're currently on sale, at a $10/per pair savings. Stock up so you have a clean pair every night.

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