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8 Year-Old Heavy Sleeper

June 07, 2010 1 min read

My 8 year old son is a very heavy sleeper. We've been using the alarm for just 3 days and it seems to be going down hill. The first day was great, he woke-up on his own with the alarm and it stopped an accident. He woke dry for the first time in his life. Last night, he disconnected the alarm in his sleep and slept in a wet bed all night! He doesn't remember doing it. Besides doubling-up on his underwear so he can't get to it, is there anything else I should be doing?

What you are describing is perfectly normal in the beginning. In the first night or two, the alarm is new and your son may not have been sleeping as soundly. It's quite common for the kids to sleep through the alarm and have no memory of what happened when morning comes. You should go to his room when you hear the alarm sound and make sure he is turning it off, then walking to the bathroom, even though it looks like all the urine has been wet out in the bed. If you can't hear the alarm from your room, put a baby monitor in his room.

After a couple of weeks of consistently doing the right response, his brain and bladder begin to make that association and work more independently. Making it more difficult to turn off in his sleep, by doubling up on the underwear or the shirts is also a good strategy for right now.

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