Alarms and Pull-ups

June 04, 2010 2 min read

I am looking for a bedwetting alarm for my 6 year old daughter, and am wondering if any of these alarms can be used with a pull up.

We do plan to move her to panties during the process, but was hoping to start out in the pull-ups she is used to.

First, this is the perfect time to transition to cloth underwear. There are a few children who are aware that a disposable back-up is in place and use this as a "crutch.

Using waterproof washable mattress overlays over the sheet make middle-of-the-night and morning cleanup easier and still allow your daughter to wear cloth underwear. Once wetting occurs, you can simply remove the wet overlay and replace it with a clean one.

In the morning, just the overlays require washing. Overlays, in sizes that fit a twin, full or queen bed, are specially made for us and are not readily available in retail stores. The ones with the tuck-in flaps on the sides are best for children who move around a lot when they sleep.

Secondly, the alarms are all designed to be used to detect a small amount of wetness from cloth. Most of you know how quickly disposable pants wick moisture away from the skin.

Alarms sense the moisture more quickly and your daughter will become more aware of the feeling of wetting if disposables are not used in conjunction with the alarm.

In special situations, such as lack of laundry facilities or working with a special needs child, using a disposable pull-up with the alarm may be the only option.

The Dri-Eclipse alarm is designed to be used with a pull-up or panty liner. The small transmitter is slid into an opening cut in the disposable pants. (It is recommended that the transmitter be wrapped in a little toilet tissue before doing this to make it less slippery).

The Malem alarm company does make a Standard Sensor that can sense moisture from a disposable product. A small slit is cut in the pull-up and the flat sensor is slid into the pull-up at the spot where you expect the first drop of moisture. This sensor can be purchased as an accessory with any of the Malem alarms.

Another option is to use a pull-up over the Rodger underwear that come with the Rodger wireless alarm. The pull-up should not cover the transmitter that is attached on the waistband. The underwear would still need to be laundered once it becomes wet. 

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