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9 Year Old Girl Conquers Bed wetting

June 21, 2011 2 min read

N. from Kissimmee writes: My daughter is 9 and was still wearing Good Nites at bed which were always soaked in the morning. She slept so soundly, nothing would wake her and she just couldn't understand why. After searching for info on the internet I found your site and knew I had nothing to lose by trying so I chose the Malem Ultimate... the first week I was the one getting up at the sound of the alarm. It took a lot for me to wake her but I followed the directions and made sure she was the one to walk to the bathroom etc. By week 2 she was getting up on her own barely wet... sometimes without me even knowing. She is now in her 4th week of use and she has had 10 dry nights without the alarm going off! We continue to use it and are tremendously excited and pleased with this alarm, my only regret is I didn't find you sooner! Our deepest gratitude...

Congratulations to this young lady for conquering bedwetting. I hear many stories such as hers, where using a bedwetting alarm is like turning on a switch between the brain and bladder. Most parents of bedwetting children report that their children are such sound sleepers that they can't imagine their child responding to the alarm, much less getting up to use the bathroom independently.

As this mother reports, initially she responded to the alarm and made sure her daughter got up and walked to the bathroom when it sounded. Over the next few weeks, her daughter's body began to associate the alarm's sound with stopping the urine flow (as evidenced by the fact that she was barely wet) and began to go the bathroom by herself. This mother also mentions that she wished she had used this method sooner, a sentiment that I hear frequently. If your child is school age and wetting most nights, I highly recommend trying a bedwetting alarm. Your child should be cooperative and excited to find a solution. If you aren't seeing that yet, it's okay to offer helpful suggestions until he or she is ready for a permanent cure.

Bedwetting alarms are not scary--they are small, colorful, make lots of cool sounds and help kids make rapid progress toward dry nights. It may be the best money you'll spend this summer. Solving this problem lets your child have a worry-free summer: going to camp, spending the night with friends and relatives and looking forward to the next school year.

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