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Adult Bed Wetting

March 04, 2010 2 min read

RS writes. I'm a young adult and have never grown out of bed wetting. I've been checked out by several doctors who cannot find anything wrong with me. I've tried two medicines but it didn't make any difference in my bedwetting. I just don't know when I'm wetting. I try to wake up in time but usually find that I've already wet. Do you have anything that might help me?

RS, you didn't mention if you had ever tried a bedwetting alarm. Alarm technology has improved dramatically over the years so there may be products available now that your parents weren't aware of when you were younger.

A good choice for you might be the Rodger Wireless alarm. The specialized underwear sense moisture and alert you by sounding a loud alarm when they begin to get wet. The underwear are available in sizes up to Adult XL. (Does the fact that this size is available let you know that other adults use this product?) When you begin using an alarm, it will enable you to know when the wetting is occurring. As your brain and bladder begin to work together, your body will begin to anticipate what a full bladder feels like and what should be done next.

Overcoming bedwetting is a process and it will take time and persistence. However, what do you have to lose? I frequently get questions from adults who are experiencing nighttime wetting. These people fall into several groups: those who have never achieved nighttime dryness (like RS above), those who have begun wetting as a result of a medical condition or surgery and those who have gradually started wetting as they get older. We have products that can help persons in each of these groups. Some adults just want to be alerted when wetting is occurring. They want to prevent skin breakdown, being uncomfortable and associated odor. Bedwetting alarms are all moisture sensing devices and can be used for just that purpose.

A Malem wireless alarm can be used with your own underwear and the volume control on the receiver allows the tone to be lowered if bothering another household member is a consideration. The first drops of moisture would be detected so a caregiver or the affected person would be alerted. Pad type alarms could also be used but only if the user preferred thin or no underwear in the nighttime.

Waterproof overlay pads, breathable waterproof mattress covers, absorbent waterproof mattress pads, urine stain removers and disposable and washable underwear are all products that can make your life easier. If wetting is an ongoing problem, investing in a few convenient items like these can make the difference between copious amounts of laundry and ruined mattresses and a clean, fresh-smelling room.

I also want to recommend for a full line of adult incontinence products.

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