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Bed Wetting Cure with Alarm

September 02, 2011 3 min read

"I'd be glad if you posted this, as our experience was fantastic, and it might influence someone else's situation, writes AA from Irvine, CA. So blog readers, here is one family's account of their daughter being cured of bedwetting.

"Our daughter was interested in using the potty by herself in the daytime at a young age and she was fully day trained before she was 2. We did not worry about night time dryness, assuming it would sort out spontaneously, but it frustrated her a great deal by the time she was 3 and 4. Her frustration mounted over time, with many morning tantrums over waking up wet.

We then tried all of the standard approaches, including setting alarms for us and trying to wake her at assorted times during the night. Basically, she slept so deeply it was impossible to wake her up, and so all failed.

At 5, she informed us that her friends slept dry, and this was not fair. We did some research and talked with her about using an alarm; we explained how they work, and that she would have to decide to listen to her body in the middle of the night, and get up to use the bathroom until her bladder learned to hold all night long.

Several weeks later she announced that she would like to have the alarm. I purchased the Rodger wireless alarm, as she often does not like to wear a shirt to sleep in at night, and we did not want to add any additional stress.

Based on advice in the other reviews, we also purchased 3 pads and 2 addition sets of alarm underwear (a total of 3 changes all around), the remote alarm for our room, and the vibration alarm for under her pillow since she was such a deep sleeper.

We unpacked together, set everything up, let her pick the alarm tone, and practiced several times before bedtime - she pretended to sleep, we set off the alarm artificially, and she had to get up, turn it off herself, and walk to the bathroom with us, sit on the toilet, and at least try to pee.

She was so enthusiastic we were concerned that it might not work, or could take several months, increasing her frustration instead of getting to a solution - so we made sure to talk about how her body might take some time to learn, and she would have to be patient, and tried to set her sights on success in a month or two and not in a few days.

The first night, we were up three times, with full floods, and I was very glad of the extra changes for everything - it made getting though possible for all of us.

The second night, one flood, and one partial wet. The third night, one partial wet, and one drop, The fourth night, one drop. The fifth night, nothing.

Her ability to wake up changed dramatically as well, the first time the alarm went off, she didn't budge for several minutes (and believe me, it is LOUD). However, we followed the instructions to the letter, and encouraged her but made sure that she was the one to sit up and turn it off, and walk to the bathroom on her own, etc.

By the second night, we were able to encourage her more, because the volume of urine was so clearly so much less, which really resonated with her.

By the third night it was clear to all of us it was working, and her enthusiasm for the project, already extremely high, only increased - and the rest is history.

We stayed with the system until she was fully dry for 14 days, as suggested - she did have a few in between lapses, aka she would go totally dry for a week, and then have an alarm for a tiny tiny leak.

In all, it was one month from start to finish. It's now been four months, and not even an accident. I can't say enough about how well this worked, or recommend it highly enough.

Finally, there were no issues with the purchase, everything arrived promptly and in good conditions, and the quality was excellent. Hope this helps anyone on the fence - it was a big investment, but well worth alleviating this incredible frustration for our daughter and empowering her to participate in a solution".

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