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Bed Wetting Mat

July 21, 2010 2 min read

My daughter is 4. She has been dry in the daytime for over a year but she isn't completely dry at night yet. She wears disposable pants but the majority of the time, they are dry in the morning. I am reluctant to stop the disposables until she is dry every night because I don't want to have to change sheets several times a week. But I think the pull on diapers might be a crutch for her. What about a bed wetting mat?

It sounds like your daughter is making great progress toward achieving dryness in the nighttime. Often getting to nighttime dryness is a process that may take a year or two after daytime dryness is achieved. Since your daughter is having many dry pants, this is a good time to take the next step of having her wear underwear to bed.

I recommend using a waterproof, washable pad (overlay) on top of the sheet. These are soft and comfortable and can be ordered in a pretty print. If she does have an accident, It's easy to remove this type of bedwetting mat and replace it with a clean one. In the morning, you'll just have a small pad to wash.

When some people ask about a bed wetting mat, they are inquiring about a moisture sensing alarm mat that their child sleeps on. This type of bedwetting mat is plastic or vinyl with a moisture sensor that sounds an alarm when it gets wet. Your daughter probably doesn't need this type of mat alarm yet. If she is still wetting in a year, using a moisture sensing alarm is a good way to help her achieve complete dryness.

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