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Best Moisture Alarms

July 13, 2010 2 min read

BW writes, My son's pediatrician recommended a moisture alarm to help with my son's bedwetting. What exactly is a moisture alarm and how do these urinary bed alarms work?

Your pediatrician is most likely referring to a bedwetting alarm, which is a device that senses moisture and then alerts the user and family that the wetting is occurring. The best moisture sensing alarms are ones which:

  • Are placed where the wetness is most likely to occur (which is different for boys and girls)
  • Are comfortable to wear
  • Are durable and easy to clean
  • Are loud enough for parents to hear (since children may sleep through the sound initially)

Our most popular moisture alarms (bedwetting alarms) are the wearable models, such as the Malem Ultimate or Malem Wireless. The moisture sensor is attached to the outside of your son's own underwear. The Rodger Wireless has specialized briefs that sense the moisture. We also carry a couple pad type alarms, although these are a little less sensitive to small amounts of moisture.

Moisture alarms work by sounding and/or vibrating to alert you that the wetting is occurring. The next step is to turn off the alarm and walk to the bathroom. Over time, the brain begins to make the association to stop the flow of urine and get out of bed to urinate. Eventually, your son will be alerted to the feeling of a full bladder and get up before the alarm sounds or hold his urine until morning. This whole process is quite amazing and it can end bedwetting in a matter of weeks instead of years of waiting for him to "grow out of it".

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