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Bedwetting Alarm for Child with Developmental Delay

February 19, 2020 3 min read

Children with developmental delays can also use bedwetting alarms to help them become dry at night.  I want to share this story with you.

"My son is 10 years old and has some developmental delays associated with being on the autistic spectrum.  He has no trouble staying dry during the daytime but had always wet at night.  We didn’t know what to try beyond the obvious, like limiting fluids, walking him to the bathroom etc.  I came across your bedwetting product, the Rodger alarm, and decided to give it a try."

"I can’t begin to tell you what a difference this has made in our lives.  First of all, he accepted the cotton underwear because it wasn’t that different from the boxers he wears every day.  The first night, I showed him how it would sound when I put some water on it.  We practiced pushing the button on the wall unit to turn it off.  Since he has fears of some sounds, we picked one that was the least scary to him."

"I was worried that he wouldn’t hear it because he is such a deep sleeper. But surprisingly, he heard it the first night.  I did too!  I went to his room, helped him turn off the alarm and walk to the bathroom.  He had already peed a lot in the bed but he still had a little to go in the toilet.  He put on the other clean underwear and went back to bed."

"Something else that really helped us was the waterproof pad that we laid on top of his sheet.  When he went back to bed, I could just take it off and replace it with a clean one.  After repeating this process every night for a couple of weeks, I could really see a difference.  The wet spot in his bed became much smaller and then became only a tiny spot on his underwear.  He got up by himself when the alarm sounded and made his way to the bathroom, where he had a lot of urine to finish peeing in the toilet."

"Then one night, the alarm didn’t sound at all.  For the first time in his whole life, he had slept all night without wetting.  We were all very excited about this.  We kept at it until he started having many dry nights in a row.  He never fought us about wearing the special underwear.  I think he could see how it was helping.  He has been dry for two months now."

 "Truthfully, we were very skeptical about trying this for our son, who has so many challenges in other areas of his life.  But we’re so glad we did!  Being able to sleep dry all night has saved us a lot of money on disposables and has saved him the embarrassment of having to wear them to bed."

 "I highly recommend this Rodger bedwetting system, even if your child has delays in other areas.  It’s amazing how this worked to teach his body what it should be doing in the nighttime.  I told his pediatrician how well this particular bedwetting alarm worked.  She had only heard of the ones that hook to the pajamas so will start recommending this one."  

Thank you for this wonderful product!

One Happy Mom

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