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Bedwetting Devices for Siblings

November 23, 2009 1 min read

ZT writes, I wanted to know if different units use different radio channels. We will need multiple units in our home and am concerned that one child wetting might set off another child's alarm.

This will not be a problem for the majority of the alarms that we carry. The Malem Ultimate wearable alarms are battery powered and the different colors make different sounds. You would know which child needed your attention if they used different sounding alarms.

The Rodger wireless alarm transmitter and receiver is a matched pair. If you choose to use 2 wireless alarms, only the receiver that is matched for that alarm will sound. This alarm only makes one sound so you would have to localize it to know which child needed your assistance.

The Malem wireless alarm is also a matched pair with regard to the transmitter and receiver communication. This alarm also has the capability of allowing you to choose any of 8 sounds to play so one could make one sound and the other make another sound. Any of these alarms should work fine for your family.

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