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Bedwetting Boys

November 16, 2009 2 min read

RF comments, "You wrote about the alarms that you recommend for girls to use. Are there alarms that work best for bed wetting in boys?

The biggest difference in using bedwetting alarms in boys and girls is making sure the sensor is in position to sense the moisture most quickly and choosing one that works best with the style of clothing that your son wears to bed. If your son wears a shirt or pajama top to bed, any of the wearable Malem alarms work fine. With this style of alarm, the sound/vibration unit is attached to the shoulder of his shirt so it can be close to his ear when it sounds. The easy-clip sensor is attached to the outside of his underwear in the middle of the front, where you would expect the first drop of urine.

Some boys choose not to wear a top to bed, so a wireless alarm works better for them. With either the Malem wireless or the Rodger wireless, the sound unit is on the bedside table or plugged into the wall. No shirt is necessary.

The Malem wireless sensor attaches to the outside of his underwear, in a similar fashion to the wearable models. The wireless transmitter magnetically clips to the waistband.

The Rodger wireless alarm comes with two pair of special briefs. The sensor is built-in and detects moisture all the way from the mid-front to the mid-back of the pants. The wireless transmitter snaps onto the waistband. Either of these styles is effective and durable. The style that your son chooses should be the one that he is most likely to wear and be comfortable using.

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