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"Bedwetting Problems" Article

April 15, 2019 1 min read

Dr. Melanie Wilhelm wrote a great overview of bedwetting, recently published in Tidewater Family magazine. She discusses the reasons why children wet, which can be varied. Factors that play a role in bedwetting include: a small bladder capacity, a high nighttime urine production, constipation and heredity.

She highlights bedwetting alarms as the treatment for bedwetting, which help children learn to wake up and go to the potty if they need to during the night.

She also suggests seeing your healthcare provider is there are other symptoms, such as new onset bedwetting, daytime wetting, painful or burning urination, increased thirst, weight loss or swelling of feet or hands.

I was thrilled to meet Dr. Wilhelm last month, when we had a chance to talk about bedwetting resources. She even had me sign a copy of my book, “Seven Steps to Nighttime Dryness”. She recommends my book for parents who are looking for a solution to their child’s bedwetting.

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