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Meeting with Pediatric Nurse Practitioners

March 27, 2019 2 min read

This month had the pleasure of exhibiting at the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP) meeting in New Orleans. We enjoyed speaking with hundreds of pediatric nurse practitioners who stopped by our booth. Many commented that they recommend bedwetting alarms as the first line of treatment for their bedwetting patients, but had never seen an alarm up close. We were able to demonstrate how alarms work, what they look like and what sounds they make. The Rodger and Malem wireless alarms were particularly well received. One style may be superior for a particular child's needs and we carry over 20 different alarms.

Some PNPs did not offer any treatment for their bedwetting patients because they were not aware of the treatment options and did not know how moisture sensing alarms work to speed up the development of the brain-bladder connection.  They were happy to learn that research demonstrates that bedwetting alarms are the most effective treatment, getting 80-90% of children to permanent dryness.

The three tidbits that were shared with everyone were:

#1 Yes, many children sleep through the loud sound initially. The parents need to respond and tell their child what to do next.

#2 Yes, the alarm does not sound until the underwear are wet. This is not "too late" but a necessary piece in helping the brain and bladder to communicate and identify precisely when the child needs to wake up. Over time, the feeling that comes with a full bladder is enough to trigger wakefulness.

#3 is a reputable resource for any bedwetting product. Not only do we have the widest selection, but we have the most knowledgeable staff. User questions are quickly answered by email, chat or phone. Unlike buying from superstores, we actually know about our products. We want our customers to be SUCCESSFUL, not just buy an alarm. Our tip sheets and follow-up emails answer commonly asked questions so families are guided along their journey to dryness. Knowing what to expect makes all the difference in a successful outcome.

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