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Cheap Bedwetting Alarms Set You Up For Failure

July 22, 2020 3 min read

The type of bedwetting alarm you choose can definitely impact your child’s chance for success.  As a pediatric nurse practitioner who has seen thousands of children with bedwetting, part of each patient’s history is what things the family has already tried before they come for a visit. 

Many report that they have tried a cheap alarm they bought on Amazon or borrowed from a friend, with poor results.  The kids often comment that they hated it, couldn’t hook it up without help and refused to use it.  They are skeptical about trying a bedwetting alarm because they think they are all the same.

Families need to know what to look for when buying an alarm


Children will more willingly use something that is comfortable, familiar and is right-sized for them.  Bulky sensors clipped on underwear or inside disposable pants are uncomfortable.  Alarm units the size of a deck of cards positioned on their shoulder or arm aren’t comfortable when trying to sleep. 

The Rodger wireless alarm consists of soft, cotton boxer briefs.  Kids are familiar with wearing underwear so are open to trying it.


Alarms are recommended for school age children, from 5 years through teen years.  The best bedwetting alarms can be easily used by anyone, without much parental assistance.  Small clips that have to be attached in exactly the right place are difficult for small fingers. Turning the alarm off once it sounds should not require disconnecting or drying off sensors. 

Putting on a fresh pair of special moisture-sensing underwear when getting ready for bed is easy for any age child or teen to do. Simply getting out of bed to turn off a blinking red light on the wireless receiver on the way to the bathroom is something even a groggy kid can do.


Becoming dry at night usually takes a few weeks.  The alarm you choose has to last at least that long; without constantly needing new batteries, or new adhesive strips to hold it in place.  The alarm must quickly and reliably sense the moisture so that there are neither false positives from sweating nor false negatives from the alarm not sounding when the child is wet. It should not be easily unhooked during sleep movement.

Volume Control

The alarm must be loud enough to alert you and your child when wetting happens. It is nice to be able to adjust volume, however, once progress is taking place or your child wants it to be less noisy.  The alarm should continue to sound until someone attends to it and not turn off automatically.

Parents’ Alert

Wireless alarms come with an optional receiver for the parent’s room.  That way, even if parents are sleeping on a different level, they can be alerted when the alarm sounds.  It’s important that parents provide assistance to wake their child and help them get to the bathroom when they are just learning.  Once the child can do everything independently, the parent alert can be turned off.

 Customer Service/Follow-up

Using a bedwetting alarm successfully can be a little tricky.  You will have questions along the way. Your child will be more successful if you have someone to give you guidance and answer your questions.

You can chat, email or call anyone from the Customer Service Team at the Bedwetting Store with any concerns you have.  We have a series of informational emails that you get when you buy from, that answer the most Frequently Asked Questions.  We feature a variety of time-tested and kid-approved alarms to help each child successfully get to dryness.

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