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DRI Eclipse and DRI Excel - New Products

February 10, 2011 2 min read

We're happy to add two new alarms to our bedwetting alarm selection-the DRI Eclipse and the DRI Excel. Occasionally, families prefer not to take their children out of disposable pants when they begin using a bedwetting alarm. Most alarms are designed to be used with cloth underwear so that can be a dilemma. These alarms can help with that dilemma. The DRI Eclipse and DRI Excel alarms offer the distinction of having a sensor that is especially designed to be used in a pull-on pant or panty liner.

DRI Eclipse is a small, wireless alarm with a firm plastic moisture sensor (Urosensor) that is placed into a slit cut in the disposable pant or panty liner. There are no wires anywhere on this alarm. Once moisture is sensed, a signal is transmitted to the small (3 inches) receiver, which could be located on a nightstand or dresser. A loud chirping sound comes from this receiver and it should be switched off by getting out of bed and turning it off. To reattach, simply use a fresh pull-up or panty liner. For children who are too large for pull-on pants, a disposable panty liner can be adhered to their own underwear. The Urosensor should be positioned so that it is close to the top layer of the liner.

The DRI Excel is a small battery operated wearable alarm that is attached to the pajama top with a Velcro strip that is sewn or pinned in place. A thin cord runs down the inside of the shirt to the urine detector, which is placed inside the disposable pant or mini pad. The flexible plastic urine detector should be situated so that it detects the first few drops of urine. Once moisture is sensed, the alarm on the shoulder makes a loud chirping sound. The alarm is turned off by disconnecting the sensor cord from it. Either the wireless or wearable model work well to alert child and parents that wetting is occurring when they are wearing disposable pants. As with any bedwetting alarm, you should insure that your child gets up and walks to the bathroom when the alarm sounds. Turning the alarm off and going back to sleep in the wet pant is counter productive to the conditioning process. Assist your child to change into a dry pull-on pant or underwear with a panty liner when they return from the bathroom. Having a supply of disposables ready (with the slit cut in them) at the bedside makes middle of the night changing much quicker.

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