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Effect of Bedwetter on Mother

December 11, 2012 1 min read

Studies over the years have looked at the negative impact of bedwetting on children's quality of life and self-esteem.

Last month, an interesting study from Japan looked at the impact of bedwetting children on their mother's quality of life.

The health related quality of life of 139 children with bedwetting and their mothers was evaluated before and after treatment for bedwetting.

These three assessment tools were used for the mothers: SF-36, which measures the Relative burden of diseases, (SRD) Self-Rating Depression Scale, and (STAI) State-Trait Anxiety Inventory.

The Kid-KINKL protocol looked at the children's quality of life. Significant differences in the scores of mothers of children with enuresis versus the control group were noted in the SF-36 and STAI scores.

Mothers of enuretic children had lower relative quality of life and a higher state of anxiety score.

There was no difference in the rating for depression in the two groups.

After treatment for bedwetting, the mothers' scores for both quality of life and anxiety were statistically improved.

Once dry, the children's quality of life scores also improved.

This current research confirms that bedwetting impacts the whole family. It also suggests that once children have achieved dryness, their quality of life goes up.

Even more reason to implement treatment such as a bedwetting alarm in school age children who still have bedwetting. There is no reason to simply wait until they "grow out of it when we have such safe and effective treatments available.

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