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Hearing alarm

February 25, 2009 2 min read

BL writes that his 9 year child sleeps on the opposite end of the hall from his room. After reading about bedwetting alarms, he is aware that he may need to help him alert to the alarm, at least initially. BL is concerned that neither he nor his son will hear the alarm.

You're not alone with this situation. Other parents also report that they sleep soundly, with their door closed or a distance from their child. Some are even on different floors. There are some creative solutions to your problem, though, so that you can feel confident that you can assist your son if needed. An easy solution is to use a baby monitor in your child's room. If he's concerned that you will interfere with his privacy, assure him that you will only turn it on when you go to bed.

The volume control just needs to be turned up loud enough for you to hear the alarm sound. Practice setting the alarm off once or twice before he goes to bed so that you know you have the volume adjusted correctly. Baby monitors are the easiest solution if the child sleeps on a different floor from the parent.

Another solution is to use the Rodger wireless alarm that comes with two receivers, one for the child's room and one for the parent's room. The two receivers use the same frequency so both sound at the same time and can transmit up to 50 feet. When the wetness is detected on the special underwear, both the parent and child are alerted. The parent can turn their receiver off on the way to their child's room. When the child no longer needs their assistance, the receiver in the parent's room can simply be turned off.

A final suggestion would be to temporarily have your son sleep closer to your room. As you begin to see his response to his bedwetting alarm, you can decide when to move him back to his own room.

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