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How to Stop Bed Wetting Relapse

February 18, 2010 2 min read

SH writes, My son age 11 has used the wetting alarm and seemed to be cured. He stopped wetting the bed and didn't get up to pee. He just held it till morning. Once in a while he would have a wet night. We just assumed it was from drinking too much late at night. Recently he has started having basketball practice at night which makes him drink fluids more. He has had several wet nights this month. When he has a wet night he does not realize that he has wet himself until he is cold and wet. It is quite alot of pee. Does this mean he is actually not trained and needs to start all over again after a couple years of sucess?

I do occasionally see relapses just like you've described. It sometimes does occur in kids who mostly just sleep through until morning dry. Because he has more fluid in his system before he goes to bed, his bladder isn't able to hold it all night and he must get up to urinate. For some reason, the ability to wake to a full bladder isn't there and he wets. I recommend restarting the alarm as soon as possible so that he can be alerted when the wetting is occurring. Over time, his body should be able to put together the sound with getting up. If he doesn't respond to the loud sound, you go to his room and remind him what he should be doing. Most of the kids can get back on track by doing this. It's better to restart the alarm for a few weeks and conquer the problem again than wait longer, hoping it will just go away.

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