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Malem Ultimate Alarm gets 1000 Reviews

June 03, 2013 1 min read

It's exciting to see our most popular Malem Ultimate Bedwetting Alarm get its 1000th review! These reviews come from happy families all over the U.S. and even other parts of the world. I love reading how this wearable, sound-and-vibration bedwetting alarm has changed the lives of so many bedwetting children. It's also interesting to see the range in ages of children who use this alarm and the range of responses.

A recurrent theme is that parents were skeptical to believe that this would actually cure their deeply sleeping child of bedwetting. Most report trying other things like limiting fluids, walking them to the bathroom, setting alarm clocks, etc. and feeling like they had tried everything but this. After reading other families' reviews, however, they chose to give it a try.

The other recurrent theme is that parents wished that they had tried this sooner and had known about this effective cure earlier. We, at the Bedwetting Store, try to get the word out by educating health care providers that bedwetting alarms are the treatment of choice for curing bedwetting. But I think parents listen mostly to other parents and often base their choices on practical experiences they read or hear about.

THANK YOU to the 1000 parents who took time to write reviews for other families to see! Your experience can help change the life of another child. I look forward to reading another 1000 reviews in the years to come.

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