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Occasional Bedwetting in Teen

June 20, 2016 1 min read

"My teen wets only about once a week. However, he is going to sleep away camp this summer for 8 weeks and we are trying to get the bedwetting under control before then. With him wetting so infrequently, will the alarm be effective?"

My guess is that he can stay dry on the nights his bladder holds all the urine his body produces. But on the nights that he should get up to use the bathroom, he wets his bed instead. His body hasn't put together the feeling of a full bladder with consistently waking up and walking to the bathroom.

A bedwetting alarm can be effective to help him learn this behavior. However, practice makes perfect! The more practice he has, the faster he can respond. My strategy for kids like your son who do not wet very often is to increase the amount of fluids they drink before bed by a glass or two. This is likely to increase the number of wet nights, which gives him an opportunity to hear the alarm sound and get up.

The Rodger wireless alarm is perfect for teens. He just wears the specialized briefs to bed and plugs the receiver into the wall. When the alarm sounds, he wakes up, turns it off and walks to the bathroom. Once he can anticipate the alarm and wake up before it sounds, he will no longer have occasional wetting. When he can stay dry in spite of the fluid challenges, he can back off of the extra drinks before bed and have a dry summer at camp.

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