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Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (NAPNAP) meeting

March 19, 2015 1 min read

Getting the word out about an effective solution for bedwetting is my personal goal! At the 2015 National NAPNAP meeting, I got to visit with hundreds of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners who see children in their primary care setting.

Many wanted more information about bedwetting alarms and how effective they are (80-90%). Many recommend bedwetting alarms to their bedwetting patients but had never seen one. Still others stopped by our booth just to say what success their own children and/or their patients have had with bedwetting alarms.

Many PNPs were not aware that is committed to helping children be successful, not just sell alarms. Our post-purchase follow-up includes a series of informational emails, written by me (a PNP with more than 25 years of experience). These emails are timed to help parents know what to expect each week of the process.

We have found that families are more successful when they know what to expect and know that their child is right on track. Children do not jump out of bed in response to the alarm in the beginning. Initially, the alarm is for the parents, who wake their child with their voice and walk them to the bathroom. Over time, the children put together the brain-bladder connection, stop the flow of urine and handle things more independently.

If you know a family with a child who suffers from bedwetting, help me get the message out. There is a highly effective solution out there. Don't forget to mention bedwetting at your child's next check-up. Your health care provider can help.

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