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Sean Combs: Kool-Aid, Sugar and His Bed wetting

March 01, 2013 2 min read

Even popular musicians have been bed wetters!

In today's interview with Ellen DeGeneres, "Diddy Combs revealed that he used to be a bed wetter. He mentions the association of his bedwetting and mostly drinking sugar-laden Kool-Aid as a kid.

He was on the show promoting his new water brand, AQUAhydrate, and used the example of his bedwetting to emphasize that water, not sugary drinks, helps bodies in more ways than one.

Both sugary drinks and food coloring have been implicated in contributing to nighttime wetting. One school of thought is that sugared beverages may increase urine production; another is that kids drink more if the drink is sweet.

Another possibility is that the food coloring in the Kool-Aid affected his bladder. In some people, food coloring can make the bladder more irritable.

Whatever the association, I do agree that drinking plain water is much healthier than sugary drinks with food coloring. I don't know that changing beverages is an automatic cure for bed wetting, but it is a positive step that I recommend in my book, "Seven Steps to Nighttime Dryness and for my patients.

It's a simple step that any family can implement. Combs mentioned how proud he was the first time he didn't wet the bed at a sleepover. That feeling of pride when a bed wetter has a dry night is still something I hear about over and over again.

Drinking water, having a healthy diet and regular stools are all important. If these changes do not solve the problem, bed wetting alarms (which Coombs probably did not have access to) can help speed up getting to dry nights.

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