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Sleepover and Bedwetting for 11 year old

April 14, 2011 1 min read

EC writes, "I wonder if I can get your thoughts about a sleepover invitation for my almost 11-yr-old son. He is in week 13 with his alarm. He's made great progress but hasn't yet had 14 straight dry nights. He has wet about 1x/week in the last few weeks. He is assuming he won't go to the sleepover but I'm wondering if we might be at a point where he could try it. I know he won't want to wear a disposable pant so it would be a matter of taking a risk. Smart? Not smart? I'd love your perspective."

Congratulations to your son on the great progress that he has made! Readiness for sleepovers often depends on the child, the comfort level with the family he'll be staying with and the child's confidence. If he wants to give it a try, he'll probably do just fine. Often the kids are more careful about the fluid intake, double voiding before bed and don't sleep as long or as deeply as they do at home. (You can gently remind him of those things before he goes). Some kids take their own sleeping bag with a waterproof pad pinned on the inside, or use a waterproof sleeping bag liner, as a back up. Have you ever seen him get up to urinate on his dry nights, before the alarm sounds? Once he can do this regularly, he will be totally dry. After he is successful at the sleepover, I would still recommend that he wear the alarm until he has 14 consecutive nights of dryness.

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