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Special Needs

March 30, 2009 2 min read

TF writes to ask about daytime toileting suggestions for her 8 year old daughter who is developmentally delayed. Mom writes that when she or her daughter's teacher toilet her at regular intervals, many times she will release her urine in the toilet. The problem seems to be that she hasn't been able to put together what it feels like when she needs to urinate so that she can anticipate when she needs to go to the bathroom. Many times when they check her disposable pant, it is wet but they have no way of knowing exactly when the wetting occurred.

Malem Recordable Alarm

The Malem Recordable Alarm is a great solution for situations like this. The Easy-Clip sensor fits on the outside of her underwear to sense the first drop of moisture. (If she is in a situation where she cannot wear cloth underwear, a Standard sensor can be ordered which fits into a disposable pant). Once the moisture is sensed, a message that you've recorded or a pre-recorded sound is played. You can record any message, but something like, "Mary, you need to go to the bathroom now" could be her reminder that she needs to stop what she is doing and go to the bathroom. Her teacher and you would also know precisely when the wetting was occurring so you could assist her with toileting.

Over time, her brain would begin to make the association with a full bladder meaning it is time to go to the bathroom. We have had many reports from parents who have used this technique to enable their children with special needs achieve daytime dryness. This alarm can also be used for the nighttime, but I recommend that she become reliably dry in the daytime first.

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