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Top Bedwetting Blogs of 2021

January 26, 2022 1 min read

2021 proved to be another year of uncertainty and reduced or changed schedules.  In spite of this, a family's life goes on and normal developmental milestones should be achieved.  Parents want to help their children become dry at night and just need some reassurance that they are on the right tract.

Nighttime Potty Training: Tips that Really Help

Parents wonder how they can help their children become dry at night.  This blog gives tips to help establish this milestone.

Why You Should Not Ignore Bedwetting

An occasional accident can be normal but parents want to know when they should become concerned and seek medical care.  “Don’t worry, he’ll outgrow it” may not be the best advice.

Will My Child Be Sleep Deprived When Using a Bedwetting Alarm?

Families wonder about the best time to begin using a bedwetting alarm to tackle bedwetting.  They worry that their child will be too tired for school or that using the alarm will impact their daytime functioning.  This blog answers those questions.


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