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Tips for Selecting a Treatment Kit

The quickest way to dry nights
By: Renee Mercer, MSN, CPNP

When you're ready to help your child tackle this common childhood condition, our Alarm Treatment Kit contains everything you'll need to be successful. You'll receive one of our best alarms, the best book, and two popular waterproof mattress overlays that parents love - all for one low price!

Each Treatment Kit allows you to pick one of our best bedwetting alarms.

Malem Ultimate Alarms

Alarms help children achieve nighttime dryness by conditioning them to stop the flow of urine when sleeping. A buzzer sounds at the first drops of urine and awakens the child. Over time the child learns to sense the need to awaken before wetting. You can choose any alarm to be included in your Treatment Kit.

We recommend the Malem auditory or Malem ULTIMATE alarms for most children because of their durability, comfort and effectiveness. These alarms connect to a small Easy-clip sensor, which fastens securely to the outside of the underwear, and detects moisture. The lightweight alarm unit is attached to the shoulder and sounds continuously until the 2-step turnoff is completed.

The Rodger wireless alarm is another popular alarm choice. The advantage of this alarm is that there is no sensor cord or alarm unit that needs to be worn. This alarm comes with two pair of underwear with sensor threads that detect the moisture. A small transmitter is attached to snaps on the waistband. The alarm receiver is plugged into a wall outlet and sounds when moisture is sensed. The Malem wireless alarm also transmits the sound to a receiver that can be placed anywhere in the room. This wireless alarm fastens to your child’s own underwear.

Overlays: Available in Standard or Tuck-in

It’s easy to quickly compare alarm features with our Alarm Comparison Chart. All alarms come with step-by-step instructions. Additional information and details can be found on each alarm page.

Two waterproof overlays are included.

Our customers rave about these washable, rectangular, waterproof mattress overlays you place on top of the child's sheet. If wetting occurs, your child just removes one pad and puts another in place to sleep in a dry bed.

Get the best guide to success.

Each Treatment Kit contains the new book "Seven Steps to Nighttime Dryness: A Practical Guide for Parents of Children with Bedwetting." It's a 136-page positive guide that covers the key steps for achieving dryness with a bedwetting alarm. As the title states, it is a practical guide - one that every parent can use to effectively use the alarm.

Seven Steps to Nighttime Dryness

Parent Tip:

Some parents who buy only an alarm find that they're not as successful because they don't know what to expect and find it difficult transitioning their child to cloth underwear. By getting the Alarm Treatment Kit, all the pieces for a successful experience are on hand right from the beginning. If you would like help selecting the appropriate products for your child, call or e-mail us to speak with our Pediatric Nurse Practitioner who specializes in children with enuresis. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase and have everything you need to help your child become dry.

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