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9 year old Upset at Bedtime

May 17, 2010 2 min read

LS writes, My 9 year old daughter wears a disposable pant and is wet every night. She's recently starting crying and becoming upset at bedtime. She thinks the pull-ons are for babies and she's so frustrated that she cannot stay dry, even though she really wants to. We've tried to be very supportive and not make a big deal out of her wetting. But it breaks my heart to see her this way. Our pediatrician says not to worry, that she'll stop eventually. What else can we do?

It sounds like your daughter will be very motivated to do what it takes to get to dryness. You can give her the tools necessary to make the transition from sleeping through the wetting episode to alerting and getting up to go to the bathroom. It is so frustrating for the kids to sleep through and have no idea when the wetting is occurring.

Moisture sensing bedwetting alarms provide a way for your daughter and you to be notified when the wetting occurs. Initially, she may have little urine left to empty in the toilet. Over time, her brain will begin to make the association that the sound of the alarm means to stop the flow of urine in the bed and walk to the bathroom to empty urine in the toilet. This will eventually enable her to wake up and get to the bathroom when the urge to urinate occurs.

I often use the small and comfortable Pink or Purple Malem Ultimate alarm or the Malem Wireless alarm for girls her age. She can look at and listen to the different alarms on-line and choose which she would be most likely to use. Once she begins using the alarm, she can get out of disposable pants and wear regular panties to bed.

The Treatment Kit, with the alarm, two mattress overlays (which help with middle of the night clean-up), and my book, Seven Steps to Nighttime Dryness, is your best buy. Giving her some control over her wetting is sure to help with her feelings of frustration and eliminate her tears at bedtime.

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