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Lack of Motivation

May 24, 2010 1 min read

TT writes, "We have been using the Malem Ultimate alarm for 8 weeks. My 8 year old son does not hear it and my husband or I have to go to his room each night to wake him when the alarm sounds. The wet spots are smaller and the wetting is just once a night now, around 4 am. That's getting better. I think the thing that bothers us most is that our son could really care less. He would be happy just to wear a disposable pant every night and doesn't seem to be very motivated. It seems like it is my husband and I doing "all the work. We don't mind this but we wonder if our son's lack of motivation is hindering his progress.

I do believe that motivation plays a role in children successfully getting to dryness. When given the choice of using the alarm or going back to disposables, if your son chooses disposables, I would agree that this isn't the right time for him to be using an alarm. It's okay to take a break and remind him that when he's ready, the alarm is there waiting to help him. The trigger that changes motivation is different in each child. Sometimes It's an upcoming sleepover or a comment that they overhear. Sometimes, It's just getting older and a little more mature.

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