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American Academy of Pediatrics Meeting

October 20, 2014 1 min read

We just returned from the annual AAP meeting in San Diego, where we had a display booth and provided bedwetting alarm educational materials. We always enjoy talking with the pediatricians, residents, medical students and other exhibitors who stop by our booth.

Many have stories of patients who have become dry using a bedwetting alarm, and sometimes the story is about their own child. Many who recommend that their patients use a bedwetting alarm have not actually seen the systems. Most physicians are aware of the research that proves that bedwetting alarms are the most effective cure for bedwetting and do recommend them as first line treatment. Some had concerns that even though they recommend alarms, their patients didn't follow through and buy one to use.

We are sending demonstration alarm kits to offices so your health care providers can show you what a bedwetting alarm looks like. Knowing how an alarm looks and how it works may be the first step in increasing patient compliance.

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