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Bedwetting Alarm Comfort

December 09, 2016 2 min read

What is the most comfortable bedwetting alarm for my son to use?

Having a comfortable, easy to hook-up bedwetting alarm is crucial for success. The easier the alarm is for your son to activate all by himself, the more likely he is to be willing to use it every night.

The Rodger wireless alarm controls bedwetting without compromising comfort and has many advantages over wired alarms.

The moisture sensing threads are sewn right into the cotton underwear. Simply put on the regular looking underwear and the alarm is hooked up. You do not have to tape on or clip on any sensors. Even a 5 or 6 year old can put on this underwear.

The comfortable underwear detects the first drop of wetness, no matter which way he is laying when the wetting occurs. The sensors threads, which are positioned differently for boys and for girls, cover much of the surface area of the underwear. You don't have to worry that the sensor is not in the right place to detect the wetting quickly. It also detects urine much more quickly than a pad alarm that your son lies on.

For enhanced comfort, there is no cord or wire to run under the shirt. This is especially important for boys who do not like to wear a shirt to bed. Some wearable alarm models require positioning on the shirt shoulder or require that a long cord be attached to an arm band. Using these types of alarms safely requires a shirt. Entanglement could be a problem if the alarm wasn't used according to the manufacturer's instructions.

The noise making receiver is plugged into an outlet in the room. There is no danger of the alarm not sounding because of low batteries as in other battery powered types of alarms.

Once the alarm sounds, your son goes to the bathroom and simply puts on the second, dry pair of underwear that comes with the alarm. This is easy to do in the middle of the night and does not require reattaching sensor cords and changing shirts. Just machine wash and dry the special underwear and they are ready to go for the next night.

This alarm may cost a few more dollars, but the comfort and convenience insure that your son will actually want to use it and be successful in overcoming bedwetting.

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