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Best Alarm Sensors

September 18, 2009 2 min read

"Which type of alarm sensor is best? is a question that KS asks. When presented with a large selection of bedwetting alarms from which to choose, parents notice that one difference between the different styles of alarm is the way in which it senses the moisture.

When looking at the moisture sensors on bedwetting alarms, factors to consider are:

  • Durability- Will one sensor be sufficient to last the entire time the alarm is in use?
  • Sensitivity- Does the sensor detect the first drop of moisture and let the child know that wetting is occurring?
  • Attachment- Is the moisture sensor comfortable enough for the user to be compliant with using it?
  • Positioning- Is it easy to position the moisture sensor of the alarm system in the place that it most easily senses moisture?
  • Replacement- If something happens to the sensor, can it be easily replaced? For example, if it is washed in the washing machine, if a hamster chews it up, if it gets stepped on

Overall, the Malem wearable and wireless alarms meet these criteria. All of these alarms include a small, durable sensor that can be positioned anywhere on the outside of the child's underwear to detect moisture. The replacements are only $19 if something should happen to the sensor cord.

The Rodger wireless also meets these criteria. The sensors are sewn into wearable, washable briefs so are as comfortable as wearing your own underwear to bed. The small transmitter snapped onto the waistband is comfortably located. The transmitter and receiver are a matched pair so both need to be replaced if one becomes faulty. The bed mat style alarms do not sense moisture as quickly as the others, depending on the position that the child is in when wetting occurs. It is also easier to "roll off the bed mat so that it doesn't sense the wetness.

The sensor pad on the NiteTrain'r is large and uncomfortable to wear and the loop wired sensor on the Nytone alarm bends out of shape if used on varying thickness of underwear.

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