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Cleaning your alarm

March 16, 2009 2 min read

We occasionally get calls from families who are concerned that their Malem alarm isn't working correctly. They mention that their alarm either is delayed in sounding or continues to sound after they lift the lever and push the reset button.

The Malem alarm is very durable and dependable. Regularly cleaning the sensor will keep it that way. Over time, urine residue can collect on the part of the sensor that comes in contact with the urine. This can cause the alarm to continue to sound even when the sensor is removed from the wet underwear and the reset button is pushed.

To prevent this from happening, the manufacturer recommends that the sensor be cleaned with an old toothbrush and soapy water every 2-3 days. This prevents the build-up of urine residue and keeps the alarm in good working condition. If you have not done this and are experiencing any problems, this is the first thing that should be done. If the sensor cleaning has been neglected too long and the residue cannot be removed, purchasing an inexpensive new sensor will allow your alarm to be like new again.

The other important step is to insert a fresh set of batteries. A partially drained battery will cause the alarm to work erratically, make unusual or weak sounds or not sound or vibrate at all.

The small Malem auditory alarm takes 3 small button style batteries (A-76). The life of a set of these batteries is about 1 hour of continuous sounding. The battery life is dependent on how many times a night the alarm sounds and the length of time that it goes off before it is turned off. Make sure you use alkaline batteries for replacement and not the zinc hearing aid batteries that come in a circle on the cardboard package.

The Malem Ultimate and Selectable alarms use 2 AAA batteries. The life of these batteries is longer than the button batteries. Make sure to observe the polarity when replacing the batteries. If the red ribbon in the battery compartment has leaked a pink color, it indicates that this compartment has become wet.

Since the alarm unit is positioned on the child's shoulder, this is rarely a problem. Dropping the alarm in the toilet or accidentally throwing it in the washer is a problem. Having moisture in the battery chamber will cause the alarm to malfunction and void the warranty. Every effort should be made to keep the alarm unit clean and dry. If these hints don't solve the problems you are having, please call our Customer Care Team at 800-214-9605.

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