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NEW! Dry-Me+ Enuresis Alarm

April 01, 2014 1 min read

We're excited to have a new bright yellow wearable bedwetting alarm, the Dry-Me+

We have carried the popular red Dry-Me for a couple years and now have the yellow Dry-Me+.

The biggest difference is the enhanced sound selection, featuring 8 melodies in addition to the 8 traditional sounds and vibration.

This manufacturer listened to the families who requested different sound choices that weren't so "alarming and chose 8 melodies that are familiar to children. This alarm is a great choice for younger children who are concerned that a loud sound may startle them in the night.

In most cases, kids are such sound sleepers that this is rarely the case. But now you can choose to use an alarm that addresses those concerns and offers more sound options.

Another cool feature is the blinking multi-color light on the front of the alarm unit. This makes it easy to locate the alarm to turn it off in the dark.

The sturdy moisture sensing clip fastens to the outside of the child's own underwear and the alarm unit clips to the shoulder of the pajamas. This safe, effective attachment is identical to the original Dry-Me alarm. 

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