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NEW! Modern and Kid-friendly Waterproof Underwear

March 25, 2019 2 min read

I am always excited when we get new products, especially ones that the kids will love!

For numerous reasons, some children (and adults) require waterproof daytime underwear to prevent embarrassing accidents at school.  The reasons these are needed vary among users, but a discreet, attractive, and effective pair of underwear is a lifechanger!

We have found the perfect waterproof and absorbent underwear.

They are:

Discreet-none of the other kids know these are different than regular underwear, with a regular waistband so others don't see disposables sticking out of their pants, and no rustling sound

Good looking-they do not look sterile or clinical, and come in a variety of colors

Reusable-machine wash and dry, save money by not buying disposables every week

Absorbent-perfect for uncontrolled leaking during the day, a pocket to hold an extra pad if needed

Waterproof- the waterproof layer is sandwiched between two fabric layers so it blocks urine from seeping through to the outside

Durable- the vinyl layer is protected so it doesn't rip and withstands hundreds of washings

We also have a discreet and attractive alternative to old-fashioned "rubber pants- our Protective Vinyl Pants. Old rubber pants were flimsy, apt to rip easily and didn't withstand machine washing and drying. Our new protective pants are designed to be worn with an absorbent inner layer, whether it is cloth or disposable. They can be used as a waterproof cover to prevent leaking in the day or night. The vinyl layer is between two cloth layers, so is comfortable, discreet and doesn't rip.

If your child isn't quite dry during the day or night, and you want to prevent embarrassing leaking to their clothes, give these new styles of washable waterproof underwear a try!

What other parents say:


This was a lifechanger for my daughter

We bought six pairs of these, and have seen a huge difference in our daughter's confidence level. One pair will last throughout the school day and usually well into the evening. The underwear absorbs and does not leak, and it also stops any smell from being detected by her peers and her teachers. She no longer has to change clothes frequently at school. This underwear was well-worth every penny.


Comments about Girls Washable Absorbent Briefs:

My daughter is 6 and now in school all day. She still has pretty severe accidents and I was concerned about sending her to school in a diaper or her having accidents in class. These panties are the only things that work for her. She has accidents in them and the other kids dont know, and she still gets to wear big kid panties and not feel like a baby or be made fun of.

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