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Now OVER 1000 Reviews on our Popular Rodger Alarm

October 01, 2020 3 min read

Our wireless Rodger Bedwetting Alarm is getting rave reviews! We proudly now have over one thousand customers that have given their honest opinion. The kids love the comfortable, “normal-feeling” underwear and the parents love that this system really works to get their child dry at night.

Here’s what a few parents have to say:

Don't Lose Hope!

I cant say enough, this product, as expensive as it was; as hesitant as i was; was the hail mary that im so thankful for. It gave my son the confidence he never had. He is 10, and is going into middle school at the end of the summer. He was tired and embarrassed of the overnight routine... waking up wet, undressing before the house was up, showering, doing his own sheets, never having friends over, never going out for sleepovers. The few times he did go, he wore a pull up secretly stashed in his 10.... - it was an every night thing. We had tried other overnight products up to and including the clip system ($70), medication ($20/mo), specialists ($40 with insurance), withholding drinks everything. two weeks with this system and a lot of will power, and everything has changed for the best! he has had a few 'close calls' in the past four months, but 98% of the nights, he can get up on his own to use the bathroom. This system helped his brain make connections. do NOT lose hope; you and your son are NOT alone, and you will NOT be disappointed.

Best money I ever spent!

My son is 8 and a very deep sleeper. He has always wet the bed. He wore the underwear for about 3 weeks, but he hasn’t wet the bed since the 3rd night. He doesn’t even need the alarm anymore!

Amazing Results!

The first few days were tough. But once we got past those first few nights we've had dry nights every since. My 10 yr old daughter is so happy and can't wait to attend sleepover parties with her friends now. This product is easy to set up and use and the results were amazingly quick! I highly recommend this product!

What a Miracle

My son is 10 years old, we have tried everything, we have gone to different doctors and nothing seemed like it worked until I bought the bedwetting alarm. My son was dry after only three weeks. I did buy two alarms, one for my room and one for his, his alarm is the alarm that worked. I still sing the praises of this masterpiece, just the alarm won’t always work.

Safe for children, powerful tool, it works!

My son is doing so well! Every night dry for two weeks except one. We should have done this two years ago!

It Works!!!

I purchased this alarm system because my pediatrician recommended it for my son who at the time was 6 years old. We tried out the system for 3 weeks. My son was wetting the underwear 3-4 times a night. I had to buy extra underwear so that I wasn't doing laundry in the middle of the night. Little drops for the most part but needless to say waking up 4 times a night took its toll on all of use. I decided to take a break and waited around 1 year to try again. What a difference! Every night just kept getting better. First, he wet 2 times in the night then 1 time and he is now dry all night. It took about 1 month. I slept in his room for a week to help him wake up. I gave him some small rewards for effort not staying dry. This system strengthens the connection between bladder and brain. It trained his bladder and brain to work together. We call them miracle undies at our house. Worth every penny.

Great tool

The manufacturer website is great with all the tips to make the transition to dry nights easier. The Rodger shipped quickly and works well. My son loves the purple undies!




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