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Sweating and Alarm Use

August 25, 2010 1 min read

"I am considering the Malem Wireless Bedwetting Alarm System for my 7 year old. My problem is my daughter sweats a lot at night. Her hair is the main area affected, but she also has sweat around her underwear as well. Does anyone else have a child that sweats and has used the alarm successfully? I'd assume the alarm won't know the difference between urine and sweat!"

I think the Malem Wireless system would work fine for your daughter. The sensor for the wireless system is exactly the same as the wearable system and I can honestly tell you that we have not had complaints from parents that the alarm is sensing sweat instead of urine. You can experiment with placement of the sensor. If she sweats the most between her legs, you could fasten the sensor a little higher in the front of her underwear. It usually takes an actual drop or two of urine to set off the alarm and I don't believe that overall moistness would be sensed in the same way.

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