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Wireless Alarm for 10 Year Old

August 04, 2010 2 min read

My 10 year old son used a wearable bedwetting alarm when he was 8, with great success. He has started wetting again over the past few months. His doctor says his urine is fine. I walk him to the bathroom when I go to bed, which usually keeps his bed dry. I mentioned restarting the alarm to him but he is resistant, saying that he doesn't like the feeling of having something on his shoulder. He's become more anxious about things like that as he's gotten older. Do you have any suggestions?

I think your idea of restarting an alarm is a good one. For some reason, he is now sleeping through the signal that he needs to wake up and walk to the bathroom. Finding an alarm that is acceptable to him is important. Both the wireless models are popular with kids in his age group.

The Malem wireless and the Rodger wireless have multiple sounds to choose from. He can pick a tone that he likes (kind of like picking your ring tone for your phone) and that he most easily alerts to. The Malem wireless attaches to his briefs and the Rodger wireless comes with two pair of special briefs with the sensor built in. You might ask him which style he would prefer.

Remind him that the sound will be coming from a unit across the room and not from a unit on the shoulder. This will require him to get out of bed to turn it off and he can walk to the bathroom at the same time. This should enable him to re-develop the ability to wake up and walk to the bathroom when he needs to.

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