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Top Bedwetting Blogs of 2022

January 09, 2023 1 min read

2022 was a year for families to get back on track with in-person school, social activities, vacations and camps.  It was also important for kids to be dry at night so they could rejoin these fun activities.  The most popular blogs were ones where parents were questioning exactly how to use a bedwetting alarm and what activities parents should continue or discontinue to help their child the most.

How Old to Use a Bedwetting Alarm?

This blog discusses ways that parents can decide when their child is ready to begin using a bedwetting alarm.

Drinks Before Bed: Yes or No?

This age-old question is answered.  Severely curtailing evening fluids does little to stop bedwetting.  Daytime strategies and best types of fluids are covered.

Why Lifting Your Child at Night Does Not Work

Many parents walk their child to the bathroom when they go to bed or when they are up during the night.  On nights where they cannot do this, their child has a wet night.  This post discusses why picking an arbitrary time on the parent’s schedule does not enable the child to make the important brain-bladder connection.



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