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Vacations and Alarm Use

June 15, 2022 2 min read

Summer is a great time to conquer bedwetting by using a bedwetting alarm.  A relaxed schedule without homework and school obligations can be perfect for conquering this problem before school restarts in the fall. Families may have some time away from home planned for vacations, however. 

Questions about Vacation

DM asked what to do about their family summer vacation.  His daughter, age 9, is doing very well with using the alarm and is dry about half the nights.  The other half of the time, she hears the alarm and gets up to finish urinating in the toilet. 

They will be gone for a week; part of the time will be with grandparents in their own room of the house and part of the time will be with friends in a beach house.  She will be sharing a room with two same age girls who are not aware of her bedwetting.  What should their plan be?

Back-up Plan

The ideal situation is where a child can continue to use the alarm each night, even if they are not in their own home. However, alarm use should never be embarrassing to a child.  Maybe you could take your daughter’s alarm along to use the first part of vacation and take a back-up such as disposable pants for the second half of vacation.

If she’s sensitive to that plan, walking her to the bathroom when you go to bed or if you’re up during the night might prevent any accidents.  The fact that she only wets about half the nights right now is very encouraging.  Double voiding before bed and choosing water as the after dinner beverage can help, too. Using washable or disposable waterproof pads over her sheets can help keep them dry and clean.

Resume Alarm Use

Once you get back on schedule in your own home, she can resume regular alarm usage until she has 14 consecutive nights of dryness.  Even if she has regressed without the alarm to remind her, it should not be like “starting over”.  Most likely, her brain will remember the learning that has already taken place.


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