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Waterproof Sheets for Bedwetting

January 28, 2011 2 min read

Even though my son wears a disposable pant at night, it often will leak and get his mattress and sheets wet. What are the best products for protecting his bed?

You're smart to buy some coverings to protect your mattress. The most economical waterproof sheet is a vinyl zippered cover to encase the mattress. The 6 gauge vinyl cover is more durable than the ones you commonly find in discount stores and will last longer for a child's bed. If your son's disposable pant leaks, simply remove the sheets and use a disinfectant spray to wipe the cover off.

Because vinyl may not be the most comfortable product to sleep on, I also recommend a great alternative: a breathable premium mattress cover. This premium zippered or fitted cover is breathable and waterproof. It is very durable, and has a 10 year warranty. If this waterproof cover gets wet, remove it and wash and dry it in your machine.

For extra protection and to prevent frequent removal and washing of sheets, I recommend tuck-in mattress overlays. These waterproof, washable pads with tuck-in flaps stay in place on top of the sheet. Since these pads lie on top of the sheet, any leakage is contained before it hits the sheet. In the morning, simply wash the pad instead of the whole set of sheets.

A good waterproof mattress pad is another option. Mattress pads have multiple layers, provide some absorbency and have a vinyl or breathable waterproof barrier. This type of pad can be washed and dried by itself and is easy to take off and put on. If your son is a "warm sleeper, a breathable mattress pad is a good choice.

Lastly, if his mattress has already become soiled, Urine Erase is a great product for removing set in stains. This enzyme based product binds with the protein in urine (which is what causes the lingering odor) and removes it. Clean his mattress before covering it.

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