What to Do for Leaky Pull-ups

May 21, 2015 1 min read

My 5 year old son still wears pull-ups at night but I still have almost daily laundry because they leak so much. Any suggestions?

This is a common question and I DO have some suggestions.

-Have him put on the pull-up only after he has urinated twice, once 30 minutes before bedtime and then again immediately before lights out.

-Make sure his pull-up is large enough. The larger sizes absorb more. Some larger kids have outgrown children's pull-ups and do better with Youth/Small Adult.

-You can double the absorbency by using a booster pad inserted in the pull-up. These secure to the pull-up with an adhesive strip and are an inexpensive way to increase the absorbency.

-Use a waterproof washable tuck-in pad over the top of his sheet. This prevents the entire sheet from getting wet and saves money over disposable pads. Buy a couple in case you don't get to the laundry every day.

-Encase his mattress with a zippered vinyl cover. You can leave this in place for years to come and it will prevent stains, allergens and dust mites. It's easy to clean by spraying with a disinfectant and wiping dry.

-Urine stains and odors can become a problem over time. DP is a great enzyme based product that breaks down the protein in the urine that causes the odor. It can be used on bedding, floors, carpeting and as a washing additive.

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