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Why Choose a Wireless Bedwetting Alarm?

January 23, 2017 2 min read

There are three major advantages of using a wireless bedwetting alarm over a wearable, wired alarm.

First Advantage

Your child must get out of bed to turn the alarm off. The sound alert comes from a unit which is placed across the room from your child. Once urine is detected on the underwear, the wireless receiver sounds. It continues to sound as long as it takes for someone to walk across the room and press the reset button.

This is much different from the wearable bedwetting alarms, in which the alarm is situated on the shoulder or upper arm. When the alarm sounds, children can easily turn it off. They may not realize that they have to get up and walk to the bathroom at that time. They can turn over and go back to sleep, without even remembering any of this in the morning. Because the alarm is within reach on their body, it can be turned off so quickly that parents do not have a chance to hear it and remind them what to do next.

Second Advantage

It is comfortable to wear and easy to hook up. The most effective alarm is one that is always in place and ready to go. Even the youngest child can pull on a pair of colorful, specialized underwear with the moisture sensing threads sewn in.

Even an exhausted teen who comes home late from a sporting event can pull off their jeans and pull on underwear before hitting the bed. The wireless alarms do not require a shirt to be worn and do not have a long cord that is threaded from the underwear to the shirt. The on-off button is pushed before going to sleep and the alarm is activated and ready to go.

Third Advantage

A wireless alarm can be heard from parent's room. If you sleep on a different floor and far away from your child, a second receiver can be purchased for your room. That way, you can be alerted when your child is and insure that they are getting up and going to the bathroom.

Wireless alarms also have a volume control feature so the volume can be adjusted for your home and your child. Your child can select from 8 different sounds to find the one that alerts him or her the best. Even though the cost of a wireless alarm is a few more dollars, the advantages that it offers insures more success. Our most popular wireless alarms are the Rodger Wireless and Malem Wireless Bedwtting Alarms.

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