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What Our Customers Say - Bedwetting Alarms

After only two months of using the Malem ULTIMATE bedwetting alarm, my seven year old son has been completely dry for 2 weeks now and I just cannot believe it. He has never had a dry night and it seems too good to be true. Some people just don't understand the strain and effects that this can have on a family and most importantly the child. I have seen my son's self esteem go through the roof and he is much more confident about having sleep overs and not having a diaper pail in his room when he has play dates. Thank you so much for such a terrific product and for the support you back it up with. It really has made our home a lot happier! Warmest Regards, J S
We purchased the Malem Ultimate alarm for our 8 year old son who was still wearing a diaper every night and it was never dry. He slept so soundly that even when he wet himself without a diaper on, he wouldn't wake up. The first weeks were hard but it did get easier & easier. Within a couple of months, he would either get up on his own to go to the bathroom or, unbelievably, just stayed dry all night. He has now been without the alarm for months and has not had one single accident. This product was worth every cent & I highly recommend it! Michael J
We purchased the Malem ULTIMATE with Vibration...and it was UNBELIEVABLE!! Our 9 year old son was wetting the bed every night, soaking his jammies and sheets even with diapers and he would sleep right through it. We used the vibration setting of the alarm for about 1 month and he was already having dry nights. He has been dry for 4 weeks and off the alarm for about 2 weeks now with no relapses!!! BEST purchase we could have made...and we never had to use the alarm mode. The vibration was enough so it didn't disturb everyone in the house! Thank you for all your email support, too!! Sheila S

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The Rodger® Wireless alarm was the best money I ever spent. My daughter turned 13 and was still wetting and not ever waking up dry. The price of the alarm vs. the pride she has waking up dry doesn't even compare. I am mad at myself for not checking into this sooner. She started High School and was still encountering this problem. She missed out on so many sleepovers that she could have had if I had purchased this alarm sooner. Currently, she is waking up before the alarm even goes off. After just about 5 weeks, she is waking up on her own. The design we have is the cotton underwear with the alarm attached to the pants themselves. I wouldn't change a thing...those work great!
I’d like to convey my joy to you! After only 2 weeks, I see tremendous improvement with the Rodger® Wireless Bed-wetting Alarm. My eight-year old daughter, who was wetting 1-3 times a night for her entire life, went to bed at 9 last night and got up at 7:35 a.m. dry. I am amazed at the quick results. Barbara, NY
I wanted to relay some very good news. I had purchased the Rodger® Wireless Alarm for my seven year old son about three months ago. To all of our delight, he is now dry! We are convinced that it was the alarm that assisted him to achieve this long awaited day. Thank you so much. M. W.

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After several years of trying medications (which I don't like to use), waking in the middle of the night, sometimes several times, the Malem alarm was the only effective means of staying dry all night after only a few weeks. We continued to use it for another 6-8 weeks and my daughter is now sleeping without it and staying dry. I wish I had known about this a few years ago. THANK YOU!!!
I just wanted to thank you for your Malem Alarm we ordered. My son has had complete success for over 3 weeks now with only 3 weeks of wearing the alarm. He is so proud of himself!!!! We had several family members suggest medicine to help but we were unwilling to take that route until we tried your alarm. We have been completely satisfied and amazed at the results. Thank you! Lisa L
This alarm was the best purchase we have made. Our son was 5 when he started using it and within weeks he was waking up before the alarm went off. Within 2 months, we took the alarm away and he has been dry at night ever since. I know it isn't this quick for everyone. Our son just needed a little something that he could be in charge of and this alarm was definitely that something. Thank you!

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"We want to sincerely thank you for helping our daughter. It takes the support of the entire family to ensure the success of your product. The patience of the person (mommy) who got up with our daughter when the alarm went off at nighttime was especially important. I was skeptical at first and tired of getting up at night, but we were determined to improve the life of our daughter and we would do anything for her. She was seven years old and didn't want to have any of her friends spend the night or have a sleepover at her friend's house. Now sleepovers are possible and she has NO anxiety of having a wet night. Also, now she doesn't worry about why her older (9 yrs old) and younger (4 yrs old) sisters are dry at night and she isn't. Again, we can't thank you enough for giving our daughter the chance to enjoy her life like a 7 year old should. Your product is a life saver!! THANKS A BUNCH!!!!!!!!! R.R.
It is the most wonderful product. When my pediatrician recommended it I didn't believe it could work. My daughter, who was seven, soaked through pullups almost every night. Two weeks after starting the alarm, she stopped. She had a few accidents but has not wet the bed in at least six months. She will be eight next month and is so excited to have her first sleepover worry free. Thank you so much.
I was amazed at how well this worked. My older son (9) has struggled off and on with bedwetting, but it had gotten worse. Our pediatrician recommended the alarm. Within a week, he stopped having accidents. I then tried it on my 7 year old who had never had a dry night. It took him about 10 days to stop accidents but since then, we've had all dry nights. I am so pleased with this product and would recommend it to anyone who has a child with this problem.

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