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Help for Bedwetting is Available

April 03, 2017 2 min read

I am an experienced Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and I see children with bedwetting from age 6 through 18 in my office in Elkridge, MD.

Most of the children that I see are from families who have tried many things on their own but have not yet achieved dryness. I like to put "the pieces of the bedwetting puzzle together and coach children and their families on the road to dryness. explains more about my private practice. We start with an hour long visit, including a thorough history and physical exam. Parents have kept some records prior to the visit, so we can ascertain what the daytime functional bladder capacity is, stool patterns and diet/ fluid intake. Each of these things can play a role in bedwetting and need to be looked at.

I speak directly to the kids because I believe that it is important for them to understand bedwetting and be an active part of the treatment plan. Many children are embarrassed, apprehensive or skeptical when they initially meet with me. I am proud to say that most are excited, hopeful and ready to follow my direction when they leave my office.

Patients come from Maryland and the surrounding states for my professional help in conquering bedwetting. My success rate is more than 90% and I love challenges, whether that is in older children and teens or in kids with other health or behavioral situations.

For families who do not live close enough to visit my office, I have written my book, "Seven Steps to Nighttime Dryness. It provides guidance in using a bedwetting alarm and what you can expect to see.

The Second Edition is available on or Amazon, in paperback, Kindle or Audio. I have also put together a Treatment Kit, which includes the things that I recommend for my own patients. A bedwetting alarm, two waterproof mattress overlays and a copy of my book are included for families who wish to conquer bedwetting on their own.

Once bedwetting treatment is started, It's time to transition out of disposables and wear cloth underwear. The waterproof overlays are a godsend for most families; decreasing the laundry burden and making middle-of-the-night clean up much quicker.

Any child who is school-age (5 or 6 and older) and who is still wetting most nights is someone who could benefit from some bedwetting help. There is no reason to wait for years for resolution.

It is true that 15% of bedwetting children will stop each year without treatment, but that leaves 85% who will still be wetting next year. Younger children get to dryness more quickly than the older kids and their bedwetting hasn't impacted their social activities as much.

Give my office a call (410-209-9705) or email me using the Contact Form if you would like to set up an appointment for your child. Or order the Treatment Kit to get started at home. This is a great time of the year to tackle this problem. Summer camps and sleepovers are right around the corner!

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