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New Vibrating Unit for Rodger Wireless Alarm

August 17, 2017 2 min read

Our popular Rodger Wireless Alarm now has a new vibratory unit that creates a STRONG vibration at the same time the alarm sounds.

Some families find that the extra sensory stimulation works well to help their deep sleeper learn to wake up when wetting happens. The vibratory unit plugs into the bottom of the Rodger Alarm receiver.

This unit is placed on the bed, under the sheet or pillow, or wherever your child is most likely to sense it. The strong vibration shakes the bed at the same time the sound occurs. Many families find this is just the extra bit of help their child needs to conquer bedwetting.

Here are some comments from families who have used the additional vibratory unit:

KCR: If you are considering purchasing the Rodger bedwetting system, I suggest adding the vibrating unit too. It was more effective than the alarm in waking my son from his deep sleep. It also was not so terrifying. He even got a kick out of placing the unit in different spots each night (pillowcase, under the sheets, under the mattress).

Mother of 3 boys: Getting this device was a great choice. Our son is a very sound sleeper, and he responded very well to both auditory and vibratory cues to wake up. He is doing great already, and it hasn't even been 3 weeks. He went from 0 dry nights to 17 in the time that we've used it. Great product.

Mother and doctor: My eight year old says this really helps and we are making great progress with our system. He says having this under his pillow wakes him up better than the sound alarm. We are on week five and since he wakes up so much easier than he did at the beginning, we are in the process of turning the sound alarm down so we are less likely to wake others in the house. It is under his pillow. I sleep next to him on a different pillow and don't really notice the vibration myself.

This vibrating unit is only $39.95 and offers the choice of adding vibration to your alarm unit.

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