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Potty Training Essentials - Get Them Here

August 02, 2013 2 min read

We're excited to be carrying a new line of Potty Training Essentials. We feature practical products that are hard-to-find in local stores. When your child is ready, what is essential for potty training?

Potty Seat. There are two types of potty seats, and either or both may be preferable for your own child and the lay-out of your home. The most important thing is that they interest your child.

Stand alone. These are small chairs that sit on the floor, have a hole and a removable pot that can be emptied. Pros: Good for starting out, stable, easily moved from one bathroom to another Cons: Have to be emptied and cleaned, child still has to transition to a big toilet some time The 4-in-1 features a small chair that has a removable soft toilet seat that can be used on the regular toilet as progress is made.

Toilet adapters (also known as toilet seat reducers). These fit over the big toilet and make the seat smaller. They usually require a step stool or ladder to make the toilet more accessible. Pros: Small, padded seats and handles make the regular toilet more comfortable and less scary, built in steps foster independence Cons: More difficult for the smaller, younger kids to use.

Portable Potties. These fold-n-go potty seats can be packed in the diaper bag and be used to transform any foreign toilet into one that your child is comfortable on. They also help insure a clean seat in any restroom and can be wiped off with a wet wipe.

Potty Training Watches. These discreet vibratory reminder watches can be used by parents to remind your child every hour or two to use the potty. They are also useful for older potty training children who get too preoccupied to remember to go potty on their own.

Wet Protection. Waterproof pads and bedding is essential for accidents that are sure to happen. Waterproof, washable underpads can be placed on top of the sheet or blanket for naps and nighttime. They save a bundle of money over disposables and stay in place. Waterproof mattress pads and vinyl mattress covers protect your mattress from leakage. Many parents use these for their own beds so there are no worries about accidents from their children.

Training pants feature a waterproof layer that can be used over another absorbent product or in place of a diaper. They can be washable or disposable.

Potty Training Books A good parent guide helps assure you that you're on the right tract. From knowing signs of readiness to handling stubborn children, the tips are here.

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